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    source:The Siteauthor:admin date:2018-5-6
    Xiaomi has officially launched full operations in Russia, and brought its Mi MIX, Mi Note 2, and Redmi 4X smartphones to the country. Since inception, Xiaomi has expanded in several countries beyond China, and Russia further broadens the company's world footprint further.
    source:The Siteauthor:admin date:2018-5-6
    British car manufacturing enjoyed its best month in 17 years in March fuelled by demand for vehicles from abroad.The number of cars to roll off UK production lines rose by 7.3% last month compared with a year earlier, to 170,691 - the highest number since March 2000.
    source:The Siteauthor:admin date:2018-5-6
    Google and Facebook have confirmed that they fell victim to an alleged $100m (£77m) scam.
    In March, it was reported that a Lithuanian man had been charged over an email phishing attack against "two US-based internet companies" who were not named at the time.
    source:The Siteauthor:admin date:2018-5-6
    In one critical way, Samsung's Galaxy S8 may end up smoking the iPhone 8 -- a phone that's still months away from even being an official thing.
    source:The Siteauthor:admin date:2018-5-1
    Samsung has said that the 4 million recalled Galaxy Note 7 mobile handsets will be recycled and processed in an environmentally-friendly manner.
    source:The Siteauthor:admin date:2018-4-2
    The bendable flexible material can be transferred directly from the melt to a roller for storage, and then be unrolled into a manufacturing line.
    source:The Siteauthor:admin date:2018-3-29
    Sony is expected to record its best profit in two decades this week, which has caused the company's shares to surge.